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The first item you find here are both the Sleeze Beez Biographies from Atlantic.
You can click on the booklet here below to read both of them.   


Atlantic had a deal with MMG and Zero records in Japan and here below you see 2 Japanese
CD samples, very rare!!!


Of course Atlantic also made some promotion material to promote "Screwed, Blued And Tattooed",
and below you see a promotional ceiling hanger which is used to promote the album in 1989.


 Also some patches were made and here below you can see three of them.


 Here below you see two picks which were specially made for the US tour.


And ofcourse we cannot forget the many backstage passes that were made, you can see a couple
of them here below.




During the "Bar 'n Grill" tour there were caps sold with foldable sunglasses attached to it and here below
you can see one of these caps. Next to it you see a VHS videotape from the archives of Atlantic Records
with only the videoclip of "Stranger Than Paradise" on it.