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Past Events

Aardschok February 2011: Sleeze Beez Paradiso, Amsterdam

De ritmesectie - drummer Jan Koster en bassist Ed Jongsma - staat als een huis, de gitaristen Don van Spall en Chriz van Jaarsveld klinken prima en Andrew Elt zingt beter dan ooit en heeft niet de minste moeite met de hoogste uithalen. Het album ‘Screwed, Blued & Tattooed’ vormt de hoofdmoot van de set, met gedreven uitvoeringen van onder andere „Rock In The Western World”, „House On Fire”, „Heroes Die Young”...
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Aardschok August 2010: Sleeze Beez reunion Gelredome, Arnhem:

Terwijl buiten de zon genadeloos brandt trekken een kleine 7000 mensen de bunker binnen die Gelredome heet en al om half zes betreedt SLEEZE BEEZ het podium. Het optreden een paar dagen eerder in Helmond niet meegerekend is dit hun eerste echte optreden in vijftien (!) jaar. En wat voor een! De beschikbare vijfenveertig minuten worden optimaal benut.

Geen onnodig geklets tussen de nummers, maar van begin tot eind knallen, te beginnen met „Rock In The Western World”. De nadruk ligt vandaag op ‘Screwed, Blued & Tattooed’, waarvan maar liefst zeven nummers worden gespeeld, waaronder de krakers „Heroes Die Young” en „Stranger Than Paradise”, terwijl drie songs van ‘Powertool’ de setlist completeren. De band staat als een huis, speelt superstrak en zanger Andrew Elt klinkt zelfs beter dan vijftien jaar geleden. Sleeze Beez straalt zoveel energie en plezier uit dat het jammer zou zijn wanneer het bij dit optreden blijft.

review by: Ron Willemsen

Fireworks Magazine August 2010: Sleeze Beez reunion Gelredome, Arnhem:

Sleeze Beez were one of Holland’s best, most professional and loudest rock bands in the late 80s. They even were very successful in The States. Who doesn’t remember the hits ‘Stranger Than Paradise’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Live Without You’? In 1995 they split up but in April this year, after a silence of 15 years, they announced to play again, in original line-up!

We attended the gig at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Holland where they were opening before Aerosmith. It was a hot day and everybody was in a good mood for a night of sleezy, dirty rock and roll. The GelreDome is the biggest theatre in Holland. It’s a big complex where a lot of events are being organized like: football matches, concerts and it’s even used as a congress centre. The maximum capacity is 34000 people and big names already played here like: Madonna, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi… and today… Sleeze Beez.

A lot of fans were waiting and it was like time stood still. The set-list was very powerful and the band was really kicking in. Andrew’s voice was excellent and it was clear that he can still do it. He had kept on singing and using his voice after the split, the advantage of doing so being clearly heard tonight. He used the stage completely, running from one side to the other side while singing his lungs out. You could tell that the kick-off show in Lakei, Helmond (a few days earlier on 19th June) was a good idea because this show didn’t sound and look like a warm-up - it sounded like they were the headliner and they rocked the roof off the GelreDome!

The drum was standing in the middle of the stage and Jan was kicking it with a lot of power. Don and Ed were standing next to each other while Chriz was standing on the other side of the huge stage, giving all they got. Songs like ‘Screwed, Blued and Tattooed’, ‘Don’t Talk About Roses’, ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ were played with passion and verve and as encore we got: ‘When The Brains Go To The Balls’. Wow, amazing. I have never seen a band after a long break that was so energetic and powerful like Sleeze Beez this evening. The Beez were struck by something and struck us for sure with their sleezy, nasty, dirty, loud rock and roll. It’s obvious… the audience wanted more!

Keep an eye on their new website. Don’t know 100% for sure but we think this was the rebirth of a new tour and start for Sleeze Beez! Be prepared to get these dirty motherfuckers in your town, lock up your daughters and wives! It’s time to get Screwed, Blued and Tattooed!

Review by: Elsie Roymans

photography: Edwin van Hoof