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Welcome to the website of one of the best bands ever that came out of the Netherlands. Sleeze Beez reunited in June 2010 to share the stage with Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots in their home country. Check this space for the latest news and everything else you need to know about the Beez.

The band first started when Jan Koster and Chriz van Jaarsveld decided to form their own group after playing in different bands. Koster enlisted the aid of Willem van Kooten, President of Red Bullet Records, telling the prominent Netherlands music executive that he had a world class band with material to match. Only one problem...there was no band and the duo only had one song to their name.
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Watch That Video

Our latest work. A fantastic Journey song written by Jonathan Cain which we turned into a Beez song. Journey has always been one of our favourite bands and the lyrics of Faithfully totally connect with what we experienced on the road. We have added loads of studio, rehearsal, and live footage (Gelredome) together with footage from the good old days. Enjoy and a big thanks to all our fans around the world. Special thanks to the fans that let us use their footage.
Sleeze Beez